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Please read through the common website editing and email issues.  If you do not find your solution please fill out the form to the right and a support representative will contact you within 1 business day.  Our normal support hours are Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm Mountain Time.  After Hours support is available for emergencies such as website or email outages. 

Before reporting a website outage please check your website is actually down by going to http:/isitdownorjust.me and entering your website URL. 

Before reporting an email outage try logging in to your email via the webmail option by visiting http://mail.i4.net in a web browser.

Support Policy

All sites older than 90 days are subject to a minimum charge of $29.95 with additional hourly charges possible.  We will attempt to estimate the total hours in advance for your approval.

Common Website Editing Problems

Make sure you are using a W3C compliant web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari.  Non compliant browsers such as Internet Explorer can lead to many technical issues when editing your website.

  • My website layout does not look right - The most common cause for this is a new page was added, the "show on Home page" option is checked and no parent page was specified.  When this happens, the navigation bar now occupies a second line and pushes the rest of the page out of alignment.  To correct this, either give the new page a parent page, remove one of the other navigation items or do not show it on the home page.  If you need it to be on the home page please contact us and we may be able to adjust your navigation bar to accomodate the new item.
  • Text on my website looks strange or is missing - Typically, this is caused by pasting content directly from Microsoft Word.  Word is a great tool for designing your content and making sure you have no spelling or grammatical errors.  However, Word adds a lot of special hidden codes that are not internet compatable.  You can paste from word by using the "paste from word" tool in the content editor or pasting into a plain text editor such as Notepad, then copying the plain text from Notepad to the website editor.
  • My website give me an error when it loads - The most common cause for this error is the url path for the home page was changed.  If you changed your home page URL path, please let us know so we can fix it quickly.

Common Email Problems

  • Mailbox full message - Your mailbox, which includes all folders, including sent items as well as attachments are all applied to your mailbox limit, typically 100 Megabytes.  If you are using the web interface, you will need to log in and delete some messages.  If you would like to keep your messages, you can use a program such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Mac Mail to download your images.  If you are using one of these programs be sure to verify that the program is not set to leave your messages on the server.  If you need more than 100mb of mailbox storage please contact us for options and pricing.
    • To clean out your mailbox do one of the following:
      • login in to your mail box by going to http://mail.i4.net and then deleting messages in your inbox, outbox, spam folder or any other saved folders
      • If you are using Microsoft Outlook to access your email there is a setting that needs to be changed so that mail is only saved on your local computer rather than the mail server. to change this setting follow these instructions:
        • In Microsoft Outlook click on the "File" tab (2010 or newer) or click on "Tools" (2007 and older)
        • Click on "Account Settings" (in 2010 and newer click on "account Settings" in the drop down menu that appears)
        • Double click on your email account that you need to change
        • Click on "More Settings" in the bottom right corner of the change account window that comes up
        • Click on the "Advanced" tab
        • Uncheck the option that says "Leave a copy of messages on the server"
        • click on "OK"
        • Click on "OK" or "Finish"
        • Close the Account settings window
        • Hit the "Send and Receive" button and your mailbox will be cleaned out.  All messages will be saved on your local computer.
  • Unable to send mail - Typically this is caused by  one of the settings above is not correct or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking the standard outgoing mail port.  The standard port is 25 - if your ISP is blocking this port you can change it to 587 and that should allow your email to be sent.
  • Unable to receive mail - This is typically caused by incorrect settings for your incoming mail server. 

Please note: we offer limited support for mobile email clients.

Email Settings

  • Incoming mail server:  mail.i4.net
  • Username:  Your email address (you@yourwebsite.com)
  • Password:  Your email password
  • Outgoing mail server:  mail.i4.net
  • Username: Your email address (you@yourwebsite.com)
  • Password:  Your email password
  • Outgoing server requires authentication (same settings as incoming server)
  • Outgoing mail port: 587

Email Setup Instructions:

Please select your email client:


Your email account includes our standard spam filter.  for instructions on how to set this up please visit http://i4.net/spam-settings


Remote Assistance

Sometimes our techs need to see what you are seeing.  If that is the case we will ask you to install this temporary program that allows us to see and control your computer.  Don't worry, when we are done we will not have access to your computer again unless you run the program again and provide us with the code and password.  Please select your Operating System below to download the app:

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