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i4 Solutions was founded in 2001 at a time when most designers in the area were using static HTML sites that were difficult to update and maintain. i4 Solutions broke the mold, offering database driven sites that were easy to update and manage, all while offering personalized designs and logos at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. This differentiating factor helped i4 Solutions quickly gain popularity and drove them to become one of the largest online and logo design firms in The Rocky Mountains.

Over the next few years, i4 Solutions expanded in both number of employees and physical locations. With locations in several states in the United States and an international office in Toronto, Canada, i4 Solutions continued to reach a growing number of businesses, both small and large.

As other online and logo design firms began to offer services similar to what i4 Solutions provided, owners Brandon Anderson and Mike Rivera decided to continue pressing forward with innovative ideas, which gave rise to i4 Solutions' newest product, Titanium CMS. Titanium CMS is the content management system that powers i4's uniquely designed online presentations, and it has received rave reviews from both new and existing clients.

Through the launch of the Titanium CMS platform, i4 Solutions has continued to provide powerful, flexible, and attractive online and logo designs that are offered at a fraction of what the competition charges.

The i4 Solutions method is simple. We provide high-quality products backed by friendly and responsive attention to client needs. Whether you're looking for a new logo design, a unique online presentation, or Internet marketing solutions, i4 Solutions is ready to help you take your business to the next level.

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In 2001, Mike Rivera joined his graphic design business with Brandon Anderson’s network consulting business to create a company that satisfied all the online marketing needs of other small businesses. The relationship started out small but grew as Mike and Brandon referred one another to new businesses looking for help. When the two businesses merged, Mike and Brandon began concentrating on online and logo design as an essential and pivotal piece of small business marketing. i4 Solutions was able to find a niche doing work for small businesses that a lot of other firms hadn’t taken an interest in before.

i4 Solutions created online presentations that lowered costs and increased productivity for any business. By creating software that removed the need for programming to make changes, Mike and Brandon were able to design solid and functional sites and logos in a timely and cost-effective manner. By developing powerful presentations backed up with professional online designs as well as logo creation with low overhead, i4 Solutions was able to pass their savings on to their clients.

With their "eye for solutions," Mike and Brandon have built a substantial online design, marketing, and logo creation business from the ground up. In July of 2001, their first office was opened up in a 450 square foot laundromat. The room was full of computers, and sometimes, people would come in and want their quarters back. We would look at a computer and say, "Oh yeah, dryer k17 is down. Brandon re-boot dryer k17!" Those early days were good times, and Mike and Brandon were hungry to achieve success. In that same year, i4 Solutions grew enough to require a move into a larger office of 1200 square feet.

i4 Solutions' revenue tripled each year and in July of 2003, the growing team moved into a brand new 8000 square foot complex. The original team that first consisted of only Brandon and Mike had grown to employ 48 people, including graphic and logo designers, project managers, search engine specialists, programmers, and anyone else they needed to keep clients happy.

About i4 Solutions, Brandon has always said, "We know we can benefit businesses. We’ve seen the successes of our clients, and we believe that we aren’t successful unless our clients are successful. It’s been a wonderful journey for us."