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Absolutely! We are open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm (MST)

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic i4 employees will be working from home.

  • All projects, calls, emails, marketing, and communication will go on as scheduled and planned.
  • All design meetings will be online via screenshare.

Our Designers, Project Managers, Campaign Managers, and Account Managers are all available to talk. Please contact our main line at 801-294-6400. Please reach out to us if you need anything.

How do I contact my Project Manager, Campaign Manager, or Account Manager?

  • Our team is available by email and phone. Please check their email signatures for their individual contact info. They can also be reached by phone and are checking their voicemails throughout the day and will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also reach the main line by dialing 801.294.6400

Is now a good time to start a website or online marketing project?

  • Absolutely! You may be shocked to hear that, but during times like these are when companies that invest in their websites/marketing/branding get the advantage in the marketplace! Please contact one of our Account Managers for more information 801.294.6400 or Contact Us

What can I do to assure my customers during these difficult times?  i4 will help with any of the items listed below. Please contact your account manager for more information.

  • Add a Slide or Banner to your homepage to let your customers know of the temporary changes you have made.
  • Assure your customers you are doing everything to protect your clients, employees, and loved ones.
  • Create and blast social media posts to your followers that you are open for business.
  • Create and Send Text blast or Email Drip Campaigns to your customers.
  • Add a FAQ or Covid-19 page to your site detailing your operations during this difficult time. Is (your company) open for business? How do I contact (your company)? How can I order? What are your hours? What are the procedures for coming to your office?
  • Continue to improve your marketing and customer service!

i4 Solutions is committed to our clients and to supporting them in any way possible. We feel that we are partners with each of you in your business and success. There are ripple effects to this throughout the community, including to you, our partners, and your employees.

While we can't contain the Coronavirus, nor change all of its effects, we are committed to trying to make a difference wherever possible. In times of uncertainty, it is most important to stay connected to your own customer base. Now is the perfect time to be creative with your branding. It's crucial that you send the right message to your clients. We want to ensure your customers that your business is up and running.

**If you feel that there are other ways in which we could support you in your efforts, please let us know.

We want to Thank You for your business and loyalty to i4 Solutions!

Have a Great Day!