Professional Videos and Photography

Every business owner that we have discourse with likes the idea of having rich, colorful media on their website. And while stock photos are an attractive Band-Aid, there is no replacement for real photos and video of your business. However, the issue with photo and video shoots is in the cost to produce the media. Business owners are hesitant to move forward because they feel like the bills will be too high.

"The truth is that nobody wants to play guessing games when it comes to receiving their final bills."
Videos & Photography

Our Production Team

We couldn't agree with you more on this concept, which is why we've eliminated the worries that come with a professional video and photo shoot. Our team is equipped to take video, images, and even drone footage of your facilities in resolutions from 1080p up to 4k. Our offices have a product photo studio, lighting equipment, durable action cameras, professional audio and even green screen technology that can be rapidly transported to your location for a 1-day shoot.

videos & Photographyvideos and photographyvideos & photography

How does it work?  What do you need from us?

Step 1

If you are a current digital marketing client or have shown an interest in doing a design, we will suspend the costs of the video shoot. Otherwise, the fee to schedule a photo and video shoot is only $50.

Step 2

You won't need to pay a travel fee unless your business is located outside of Davis or Salt Lake counties. If we can drive to your business, the typical fee is $50. For travel fees outside of The Wasatch Front area, please call our sales team.

Step 3

We schedule a day when your employees can wear their best clothing and have the building cleaned for our shoot. Our flat fees depend on everything taking place at the appointed time, and all staff members on your team being ready for the shoot.

Step 4

The onsite team will film ultra-high-definition footage of your office interiors and high-definition footage of your facilities. We will also capture video and stills of your staff members and other items of interest as time permits. The video shoot will last between 1-2 hours maximum.

Step 5

We'll email you a link where you can download a preview of your footage. This will be at a lower resolution (720p) and will have a watermark on every item.


Step 6

If you like what you're seeing in the previews, you can decide to pay for video production, which is sold on a per minute basis. We have packages for you to enjoy great savings on professional video editing and can beat almost any advertised price.

Please give us a call at 801.294.6400 to learn more about how we can help you with photos and videos, or look at our website packages that include custom video creation and photo / video shoots.