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Paid Search Advertising

It can be easy for a business owner to become jaded with the idea of running cost per click advertising campaigns. After all, depending on how much revenue was spent for the "initial test," it may or may not have proved to be a valuable source of gaining new business.

The major question that most businesses pose to us is:
"Does cost per click traffic work?"

An easier way to answer this question is by asking a more appropriate question: "Are people searching for what you offer?" If you don't know the answer to this question, we can run analysis on the types of searches that fit your industry, and at what volumes they produce traffic.

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The easy answer is YES!

Paid search advertising can work if people are searching for what you offer, and 95% of the time consumers are doing searches. Therefore, what makes a paid search campaign perform is the landing page that visitors first see. Just as with the entryway to your home, a landing page gives major first impressions to your potential customers. If you don't have what they need; neatly organized and easy to understand, they will go back to their search and find another vendor.

search advertising search advertising search advertising

Here's a short scenario of how a cost per click campaign can be vastly improved:

step 1

Advertiser pays out $3,000 and gets only 10 phone calls and emails at an average cost of $300 per prospect.

step 2

The advertiser finds that their landing page is converting at only 3%

step 3

Therefore, the landing page is put through a process of variation testing to determine if the conversion percentage can be improved. After the testing is complete, the conversion rate has moved up to 18%.

step 4

Now that the conversion rate has gone up from 3% to 18%, the client sees a 500% overall increase in prospect capture. Therefore, spending $3,000 in advertising now consistently produces 60 leads at only $50 per prospect.

step 5

By improving the offers and presentation of their landing page, the client sees a $250 reduction in their cost per lead. In this case, they have saved 80% on their advertising costs and the advertising is profitable.


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