How To Prepare to Transfer Your Domain Name to Us

  • Ensure that the administrative contact (admin) for your domain name (registrant contact for .au domain names) has a valid email address in the Whois database. Both registrars use this email address to send you important information about the transfer.

If your domain name has private registration, a service that hides your personal information from the public, you cannot verify your admin email address in the Whois database. You must contact your current registrar to cancel the private registration, and then you can update the email address, if necessary. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU *NOT* CHANGE ANY OTHER CONTACT INFORMATION OTHER THAN THE ADMIN EMAIL ADDRESS! Doing so will result in the account being locked.

  • Unlock your domain name at your current registrar.
  • Get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) from your current registrar, if required. Some domain name extensions, primarily country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs), do not require an authorization code. Some registrars display the authorization code in your account with them, while others email it to the admin email address upon request.
  • You will get an email containing a "transaction ID" and "Security code" - please forward that email to us.  Additionally, your registrar may email the authorization code as well - please forward that email to us if you receive it.

Don't know who your current registrar is?

You can go to, and enter your domain name and then click the "go" button.  The page will reload and under the "Domain Whois record" look for the "Registrar".

Some companies that may be listed are resellers and not actual registrars, so the company that is listed there may be the actual registrar the reseller is using to register domain names on your behalf. You may need to contact this registrar to determine who the reseller is.