Professional Web Site Development

Professional web site development is i4 Solutions' long time specialty. In addition to custom web site design, we also offer custom web programming that has been optimized specifically to handle the needs of an online business. Your site will be flexible, adaptable, and will work the way you want it to on every level imaginable. By using i4 Solution’s web site development services to take your business online, you will be able to manage a site that is custom tailored to the way you do business.

Custom Web Programming

i4 Solutions excels in custom programming and custom web site design. Instead of simply finding a way to “make it work,” i4 Solutions will create custom web site code from scratch, if needed, to ensure that your site runs smoothly and as seamless as possible. i4’s custom web programming produces web sites that perform as well as they look.

i4 Solutions builds web sites that are database driven. i4’s advanced database web programming allows for web sites that can be updated within seconds and without the need of a web developer or programmer. A web site developed by i4 Solutions is made with both the site visitors; and site owner’s convenience in mind.

When clients visit a site programmed and designed by i4, they are welcomed by an easy to use navigation and professional image that reflects the quality of service provided. Making visitors to your site feel comfortable means that return traffic and increased purchases are more likely to happen. As your business grows, you will be able to avoid a costly overhaul of your site thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of i4’s custom web programming.

Custom Web Programming – Security and Technology

Another important reason for using custom web programming is for the increased security. With custom web programming code, i4 is able to create web sites that are more resistant to hackers and attacks. When combined with security technologies, such as SSL, sites designed and programmed by i4 Solutions are suitable for e-commerce, financial transactions, and any other sort of business that requires a high-level of safety and security.

i4 Solutions specializes in the following programming languages and technologies:

HTML, JavaScript, Active Server Pages (ASP), PHP, MS SQL, mySQL, MS Acess, XML, Macromedia Flash, Action Scripting, jQuery, .NET, .NET MVC, and more.