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Getting to the top of Google is not enough; i4 Solutions will help your company blaze past competitors.


As a business owner you know the value of relevant website traffic, but getting high-quality traffic is often much more difficult than it may seem.  You'd have a hard time finding a company in Midvale or Murray that hasn't invested in SEO, or tried Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing services. As a leading SEO provider in Taylorsville, Utah i4 Solutions can help your website to generate traffic, leads and most importantly new bussiness for your company.

Learn More About SEO ServicesPeople in the Midvale perform a new Google search every second, many searching for companies like yours to provide services. We help your company to capatilize on these searches with our SEO and marketing services. Imagine what a difference it would make if your customers in Taylorsville & Murray could instantly find you from anywhere, simply by searching for your products or services. With our tested and proven SEO strategies, we can make that a reality.


i4 Solutitions Search Marketing Services:


You need a marketing company that delivers results each month without fail. Our SEO specialists do their best to explain our strategies and provide  full transparency in the work we do for your business.


Working with a partner who truly understands both your business and the intricacies of Google PPC is vital for success. Our experts are Google Certified, with years of experience building efficient, productive ad campaigns.


We're business owners too! We realize how critical it is to have a solid reputation and excellent online reviews. We can help your company generate new 5-star reviews from individuals who you have already done business with.

Social Media

Most people don't know, but Facebook clicks are a key indicator Google uses to determine the strength of a website? That means social media is great SEO investment for your business.

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