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"I love working with i4 Solutions!" 
- Tammy Meyers, Owner

 Facebook Followers Increased 25% over a 5 month period
✔ 40% more page visits compared to the previous period
✔ 3x more social media engagement
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"i4 Solutions has been invaluable as a partner." 
-Mark Grandinetti, President

 Organic Traffic Increase: 145% over 3 months
 Increased Web Engagement: 22% more user interaction
 Search Engine Domination: for pie related searches

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"I am 55 miles from Chicago in a town with a population of 836, 2 hours from my target market. i4 Solutions helped me be found online and saved my company." - Janet Domrase, Owner

✔60% increase in organic website traffic
✔Front Page Rankings
 for local dog board & train searches
✔30% conversion rate for internet based leads
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“Our website was nowhere to be found on Google, in one month with i4 Solutions our top keywords were at the top of page one”
- Rob Schreck, Marketing Manager

✔Page One Rankings: SECS/GEM GEM300 PV2 Standard
Website Traffic: 
24% Increase over 3 months
✔Online Leads: 9% increase over 6 months

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"I4 got us more online bookings, for half the price of our previous company." 
- Steven Israelsen, Proprieter

 Hotel Bookings Increased 7% over a 6 month period
✔ 60% more site visits compared to the previous year
✔ Twice as much social media traffic and engagement
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"Before beginning, I had some concerns and I4 was very prompt in addressing those concerns.  You don't find that very often in companies; I4 is a huge upgrade from the last company that I paid to provide SEO services." - Pamela Russell, CEO

15% Online Sales Growth over a 6 month period
✔Over 100% Increase in organic web visitors
✔Page One Rankings for Truck Dispatcher Training


In Your Free Evaluation Your Site Will Be Graded On an A Through F Scale, and Improving Your Score Will Make Your Website Perform and Rank Better in Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Your Free Downloadable PDF Report Will Include a List of Recommended Actions to Improve Your SEO Grade.

If You Have Questions About How to Perform Those Actions Give Us a Call at 801-294-6400 to Speak to an SEO Expert. 

Jordan Wilcox is an attorney who does business to consumer and business to business tax litigation.  Our efforts have moved him up to position 1 for keyword terms “tax attorney Utah” and “tax lawyers Utah”.  Since starting with our company, he and his team have seen a 25% increase in leads and new client consultations.  Wilcox says, “our website looks better than ever and is integrated with my CMS. We’re rolling in major tax clients.”

Our campaigns have also helped Jordan achieve a 65% increase in overall website traffic.  In addition to his web presence, Jordan Wilcox has also had significant positive results from his social media.  Since starting with us, he has grown from 62 to over 1,248 Facebook likes.

Solar Ready Solutions is a solar panel installation company that completes solar panel fulfillment in Utah, and Colorado. Our efforts have resulted in page one rankings for the search terms “solar panel fulfillment Utah” & “solar panel fulfillment Colorado.” The website also ranks on page one for “solar fulfillment” in both states. We have increased their web traffic by 25% since beginning to work with them. Owner Carson Hinds say he is “Impressed by the speed of the results,” and that he had his “best year yet.”

Verilease Finance Incorporated (VFI Corporate Finance) is a business that specializes in loans and financing for commercial projects and equipment. Since starting with our team, they have seen traffic increase by 73%, and goal completions are up 27%.  We are working with them on redesigning their website in order to improve lead capture, integrate with their sales system, and solidify the direction their business is headed.

Pond's Plumbing is a local plumbing company that services both residential and commercial areas.  Pond’s chose our team after their experience with another marketing company. Says owner Ralph Pond, “I was paying twice as much with my previous company and getting no results.”  Through our CPC and social campaigns, Pond’s has seen a 19% increase in relevant phone calls and leads in their first month alone. Pond’s Plumbing has also seen a web traffic increase of over 30% and has built over 1,000 Facebook and Instagram followers.

The Madison Group, a company that specializes in helping secure financing for commercial properties, has seen organic traffic increase up to 32% during their time with us. They have increased their internet leads by 16% through SEO and PPC. We are currently working on making updates to their website to promote better lead capture.

Midwest Commercial Interiors, a commercial interior design company, has seen a 22% increase in overall traffic and leads.  They also have seen significant increases in their social media. For example, in one year they have gone from 238 to 9,580 Instagram followers. We are currently building them a new website with an improved lead capture system in place.