Web Design Case Studies

With over a decade of experience in the web design and Internet marketing industry, i4 Solutions has seen many clients become wildly successful online. We have helped new businesses take their first steps into the online world as well as helped more established business find ways to reach a wider audience.

Please feel free to contact us to request case studies for any of our products or services. We'd be happy to speak with you about how our custom designed websites have increased conversion rates for clients or how our SEO and PPC services have helped businesses reach higher numbers of clients.

Karaoke Online:

5 month baseline average:

Average Visitors 15,620 - 2,798 Conversions - Campaign Revenue $828.07 -

Total Revenue $39,179.24

Recent Totals (Bing - Yahoo - Google):

Average Visitors 33,388 - 5,913 Conversions - Campaign Revenue $1,485.00 -

Total Revenue $88,333.92

Wind & Solar:

Average Cost Per Click of $0.82.

Over 30 leads per month.

Average Cost Per Lead $24.32.

Reverse Mortgage:

Started with 1 website. Now owns 8.

As many as 25 leads per day.

Custom Lead Capture.

Improved from 10% conversion to 20% conversion rate.

Purchasing Software:

Aggressive SEO.

Working on 3rd Custom Site.

Increased Leads from 15 to 80 per week.

Investment Advisor:

Over 30 Leads per month.

22% increase in SEO traffic / First month.

Secondary Custom Website built for lead Capture.