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i4 Solutions Launches new website
November 9, 2012

i4 Solutions Inc.  A Utah based company announced today that it was launching it's new corporate website.  "We're really pleased with the new website" Said Brandon Anderson, a Partner and founder of i4 Soutions, "We've been so busy working on our clients sites over the years that we've neglected to work on our own site!"

The new site showcases more of the direction the company is going with mobile web development, Search Engine and Social marketing.   The new design is far superior to the old design, below are images comparing the old design to the new/current design.

new site

"We are excited to see how well our new website will perform" Said Mike Rivera, who also co-founded i4 Solutions back in 2001 with Anderson.  "Because of our high page rank, we still got a lot of leads, and we feel it will be interesting to see just how many leads we get in the coming weeks and months."  i4's marketing team will continue to modify and make changes to the site as time goes on to continually increase conversions.