Professional Flash Web Design

Incorporating Flash-based web design is still a common choice for many businesses who are building a new web site for their company. With just a short animation, you can convey a lot of information to visitors, such as: product pictures, product descriptions, company information, services offered, and much more. 

i4 Solutions offers Flash web site design elements in many of the pages we create based on the site owner’s preferences. Due to the declining popularity of Flash, we only design Flash elements by special request.

jQuery, Mobile Phones, and Flash

Some types of mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads and newer Android devices do not display Flash elements in their browsers. As a result, we've adopted jQuery and HTML5 to replace Flash; which allows for the same effect as Flash while offering a wider range of device compatibility.

Check out our portfolio to see examples of Flash and jQuery animations that we have created for past clients.

Here is an example of some of our work