Email Marketing Solutions

A Harris Poll research survey indicated that 80% of email users think that spamming should be illegal. Does that mean that emailing people information on your product is the wrong approach?  The answer is opt-in mailing lists.

As long as people have the ability to join and cancel their mailing list subscription, you are offering a valued service to them. Sending announcements and newsletters to existing and potential clients keeps them updated on your business activities and alerts them to special promotions that can save them money. i4 Solutions creates mailing-list portals on your website where you can distribute text-based or HTML emails to your email subcribers. You have full access to the list at all times and can add and remove anyone at anytime. 

Managed Email Marketing

In addition to building a portal to gather subscribers, i4 Solutions can also help clients manage their email marketing lists through powerful and proven email marketing software. Through our services, you can reach thousands of people in your key demographics with your email marketing blasts, all in an instant. We also provide data about how many people received your email, how many of them opened it, and how many ultimately engaged with the call to action in the message.

Managed email marketing has proven to be quite successful for many of our clients. If you're interested in email marketing services, please contact us for more information.