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a leadingcompany in internet solutions that specializes in search engine marketing services, including Pay-Per-Click marketing and SEO services, such as online reporting and analytics.Drive traffic to your website and increase your Internet leads and sales with custom, affordable search engine optimization. i4 Solutions is

As a top rated, affordable SEO company, our tailored solutions include a variety of features that work towards helping increase your company's overall profitability. Unlike our competitors, who only focus on getting where web pages appear in search engine ranking pages, our SEO packages are all-inclusive marketing solutions.

(us vs. them. Them: increase rankings on Google, us: increase rankings on yahoo and bing. Them fix site errors, us: fix website errors and run regular page audits, etc. with call to action learn more about why us).

Our cutting edge practices in conversion optimization, SEO, and pay-per-click marketing give you a triple-threat advantage over your competitors.






As a leading, affordable SEO company, our packages include a variety of features and services designed to give you the traffic results you want for your website. Our packages include a variety of the following search engine optimization features and reporting to give you the most profitability from your website.


Custom Content. We develop custom content that works on local, regional, national, and international levels that is designed to raise your overall online visibility. Additionally, we write monthly press releases about your company or products that are distributed up to 1,800 different media outlets, which helps to increase your business' relevance and credibility.


Linkbuilding. Linkbuilding is an important SEO tool used to increase your website's popularity and visibility, the more links to your business outside of a search engine, the more credibility you gain from an optimization perspective.



Keyword and Competitor Research. Our team of experts do considerable research and analysis on your existing web data and your competitors to recommend the best strategy possible for targeting keywords, geographies, and more.



Website Reporting. All of our clients receive regular reporting on site errors that could be limiting traffic to your pages, rankings in search engines like Google and Bing, as website conversions. Your company will also receive reports on our search engine optimization efforts and their impact on data such as online traffic, unique visitors, sales, and more.


Social Media. Our custom and affordable SEO includes features such as assisting clients with Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and other account set-up services.



And more. See a full list of our affordable features and services.





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