Corporate Identity and Print

Corporate Identity and Print DesignWhen you first start your business, setting yourself apart from the competition is vital to success. Having a logo that conveys that difference while making it more attractive to potential customers can be make or break. If you are fortunate enough to beat the odds and begin to experience success, inevitably competitors will attempt to imitate your products or services. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about it. But there is one aspect of your business they are not able to steal. That is your brand. As you grow your client base, the link that ties customer experience back to you, is your brand. In other words, in your customers mind, your logo is your company because it is the visual embodiment of all your company is and stands for. No wonder it is also referred to as your "Corporate Identity". Now just imagine its importance when that moment arrives and you receive an offer to buy your company. One of the most valuable assets of the sale will be your logo. This is because the buyer knows, money can buy their own version of everything you have worked for to make your business successful, but they cannot buy the loyalty of customers you have built up over time, this is referred to as "Brand loyalty". So what's the point of all this? Don't cut corners on the creation of your logo. Sure there are many cheap logo providers out there that may be skilled at imitating the current trends, but only the well trained eye of a professional graphic designer can create a brand for your company that will work equally as well on a full color website as on an old black and white ugly fax. Plus a talented designer can produce corporate identity that won't look dated 25 years from now.


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