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What is i4 Solutions? We are a digital solutions firm that specializes in collaborative designs, aggressive Internet marketing, and media in many formats. Since our founding, and during the past few decades, we have considered ourselves innovators. This concept is true both in terms of services and pricing, since we are among the few companies that accommodate a wide range of billing models.

How can we help you? Our expertise lies in engaging people to look past your website and see the value of what you’re offering. We believe that a web experience should be something more than a novelty or a chore. Therefore, everything that we design is built around its usefulness and longevity.

We’d love to meet with you to learn more about your business, and you’ll find that our customer satisfaction ratings are extremely high.

With all of those formalities out of the way, here is a snapshot of our agency by the numbers:

Number of websites designed: Over 10,000

Amount spent on client advertising: Over $5,000,000

Number of social media posts created per month: Over 6,000

Number of articles written for clients: Over 50,000

Scope of repeat clients: Over 8,000

New clients received through referrals: Over 15,000

Number of meaningful partnerships: Over 5,000

Amount of charity work done in our community: Over $1,500,000

Number of government, state, and municipal organizations serviced: Over 2,500

Work done with churches and non-profits: Over 1,000