Lead Generation - The Best Reason to Own a Web Site

Lets face it, if you're like most business owners you want more leads. You build a website, you print marketing materials, go to trade shows, and you run social media campaigns. Why? It's simple: you want more leads! You spend this time, energy, and money hoping that your phone will ring more, that more customers will come through your front door, and that you'll see more orders on your web site. All marketing efforts are essentially about strengthening your brand and creating more leads. 

So what is the secret to generating more leads? It comes down to ensuring that your business and web site are hitting all the important points when it comes to engaging site visitors and turning them into leads for your business. Doing so will generate more sales and ultimately help you grow as a business. Here are a handful of important aspects to consider when looking to generate more leads online: 

  1. Does your site have the phone number that is clearly visible on every page of the website? If it doesn't, you're missing out on easy leads. Don't make web site visitors search for your contact information. Also, put your company name and phone number in the footer of your web site, in plain text, so that in can be easily indexed by Google and other search engines.

  2. If you have a smartphone, pull it out and type in your web address. How does your site look? If it looks terrible, then you need to address this problem right away. Did you know that by the year 2014 it is estimated that more mobile devices will be hitting web sites than computers with standard browsers?

  3. Do you have social media hooks as part of your site? Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or a blog are all vital parts of online marketing when used correctly. At times, social media might seem confusing, but it really can be effective at generating quality leads. The number one reason why people aren't generating leads off of social media is they think they can simply put up the social icons on their web site and people will automatically like their page or following them. It doesn't work so easily. You have to engage your customers and give them a reason to involve their friends and social media contacts with your web site. Give away offers to followers, post helpful business tips, and even post funny stuff at times. As your customers interact with your social media efforts, they'll become more loyal and they'll expose you to their friends which can dramatically increase your marketing reach.

  4. Do you cultivate your leads? When you get a customer that calls in or submits a form, do you put their information into a database where you can send out offers or specials in the future? Don't be under the impression that just because someone didn't go with you the first time that they won't use you in the future.You never know when your marketing message will hit home and bring you more business.

  5. You may have heard that is is five times easier to keep an existing client that to get a new one? So why do we spend so much money trying to get new clients and sometimes completely ignore past or current clients? When was the last time you called your past clients, just to check in? Do you think a random call might impress them with your level of customer service? Of course it can! Checking in on clients is a simple practice, but rarely do businesses do enough of this.

  6. Do you ask for referrals? If not, why not? When you take care of someone, they'll more than likely want to tell their friends and family about your great services and products. Don't be afraid to ask them for business opportunities.

  7. Did you know that on average you need to contact a potential client five times before the become a client? Don't give up on potential clients if they're not sold the first time you talk to them? Don't give up! Have confidence that you can provide them services that will help them.

  8. Have you evaluated your competitors lately? Go to their web site and take an unbiased look at their site and offers. As you look around, continually compare your products and services against theirs, and do an honest assessment. If your competition is a more attractive option, work hard to improve your own offerings to better compete with them. These efforts will increase leads.

  9. Are you giving your customers clear direction? Strong calls to action are important and no web site will be successful without them. Give a potential client compelling reasons to contact you or provide their contact information. Calls to action come in many forms ranging from a free online eBook, free marketing tips if they fill out a form, or discount pricing. Continually evaluate your web site and see if you are giving visitors to your site a compelling reason to buy from you.